Write Here Write Now

Kristin: Science and Art are enduring interests for us at Bridge8, so we are very happy to be a supporter of Acorn Productions’ next project Write Here, Write Now. We first met Alison Kershaw of Acorn Productions when she volunteered to be our stage manager for TEDxAdelaide last year and we’ve worked with her on a number of activities since. She’s also followed our co-working adventures, and so when she asked if there was some way they could use our boardroom for theatre rehearsals we jumped at the chance!

Alison: Write Here Write Now provides an opportunity to both new and established writers in South Australia. The competition did not have an entry fee, so anyone could enter; this sadly means there are no cash prizes. But selected writers will have their monologues performed. Monologues provide a chance for writers to dip their toe into writing for theatre. I know I would find the prospect of writing a whole play daunting.

Write Here Write Now had the support of four fantastic judges, Tracey Korsten and David Jobling from South Australia; were joined by Rebecca Vaughan and Guy Masterson from the UK, both Rebecca and Guy annually bring shows to Adelaide for the Fringe Festival.

As with many Adelaide projects we had no budget for advertising and promotion so relied on word of mouth, social networks. We were grateful for small amount of press coverage we received to promote the competition. We had no idea if we would actually get any entries. We were delighted when we did receive entries, especially as Acorn Productions is so new to the Adelaide theatre ‘scene’.

The judges agreed there were 7 monologues worthy of performance. The cast of Chelsea Diprose, Haydn McComas, Jonathan Johnston and Faye Dawson Wise will be bringing the words to life under the direction of myself and Tamara Bennetts.

There has been much discussion about the lack of performance venues in Adelaide but there is also a lack of cheap, warm and clean rehearsal spaces. So Acorn Productions is delighted that Bridge8 have been generous enough to support Write Here Write Now by donating the use of their boardroom for rehearsals. We are delighted to have a lovely bunch of scientists who are always looking to the future supporting the future of theatre in South Australia.

Book here for Write Here, Write Now – Higher Ground, 9-15 Light Square, Adelaide from Thursday 27 October to Sunday 29 October.

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