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Our services: facilitation & visuals

The customised and varied nature of developing new ideas is complicated. And while the outputs can look extremely diverse, at the core are foresight processes that inform facilitation and visual services. Testimonials from our clients illustrate how we help develop strategy and communications for a range of organisations to improve engagement and enhance purpose.

Happy 10th Birthday

  It’s ten years since Bridge8 was formally registered as business. We’re proud of the work we have achieved in communicating and providing educational resources around nanotechnology, developing roadmaps for emerging technologies and industry sectors, enabling foresight capability within universities and organisations and in approaching public engagement around science and the future differently through workshops, animation and […]

Hips4Hipsters Pozible campaign animation

We’ve provided short introductory animation for Dr Mel Thompson’s novel microbial treatments for medical implant infections Pozible campaign, otherwise known by the very catchy title, Hips4Hipsters. Mel, who we knew from I’m A Scientist (Australia), is an infectious disease researcher at Deakin University in Geelong. She’s teamed up with the Clinical Infectious Disease Specialists and […]

#onsci is evolving

Sarah, Heather, Kristin and James: The monthly twitter chat known as #onsci held its inaugural event “Telling Better Science Stories” in April 2011. It stemmed from a real-life chat between Kristin and Heather, who wanted to conduct conversations ‘on science’ in the online space, and hoped that a diverse group of participants could be attracted to join […]

Behind the scenes: simplesaurs

Update: Simplesaurs & Extinct critters available as laser-cut wooden brooches on our Etsy store now! Dinosaurs have been a recurring motif in James Hutson’s animations. The Critical Thinking animations featured a bright red T-Rex, which morphed into a chicken, the illustration later being awarded the People’s Choice Award at the 2012 Australian Science Communicators’ Conference […]