Twitter + Social Innovation = Coworking

Kristin: Our big news this week? We’ve established a coworking space for social innovators and communications freelancers.

We’re not the first coworking space in Adelaide. The Tomorrow Studio provides shared space for digital media business and is coordinated by the State Government. Its links to Enterprise Adelaide and Innovate SA mean start-up business owners also have access professional advice. Dan Monceaux of Danimations has a great post here on his experiences as one of the original tenants.

But why would we set up a privately funded space? The benefits of coworking mean that Bridge8 can make the most of what is presently underutilised space, and we also have access to like-minded, motivated people to bounce around creative ideas. For the coworkers who join us, there are the same benefits in sharing ideas, but it means they are also able to access a cheap space that does not require large start-up or capital costs. More ideas on coworking from here.

The decision took five minutes over coffee following six months of relationships through Twitter.

A couple of weeks ago, I’d wanted to attend a seminar being run by ASIX and others on social innovation. Unable to go, I asked over Twitter if anyone would like to to have coffee to debrief. Before the coffee had even been ordered, Noriko Wynn and Rubina Carlson had explained coworking as a key idea from the seminar, outlining their plan to find a coworking space, and I had offered Bridge8 as the perfect physical place to make it happen. Mal Chia and Shai Coggins arrived to an announcement.

It was easy to make the decision because we already knew of the value of coworking, but more importantly, I knew enough about Noriko and Rubina through Twitter and especially the #socadl hashtag (for social media professionals in Adelaide). This plus the subsequent face to face #socadl networking events and professional interests means we had already developed trust and a sense of connection.

We expect our coworking space to evolve. We probably have enough room to accommodate up to 5 freelancers, who will pay a monthly subscription fee to cover access to the space including internet, printing, the family friendly room (and TV) and the kitchen (Venetians! Iced Vo-Vos!). And we’re planning to have a regular creativity lunch – a deliberate space for idea generation – that also allows for all of us to maintain productive work time.

A recent blog postulated that Twitter was a type of coworking space. I go one step further and say Twitter was the catalyst for ours. And that Twitter will be the glue that allows us to further develop a sense of coworking community.


  1. An interesting story, and an unexpected benefit of the relationships one can form through Twitter. The biggest issue remains unresolved however: who’s going to wash up the mugs? 😉

  2. Thanks for the mention, Kristin! You’ve whet my appetite now and I’m super curious about the bridge8 space and first wave tenants. Let me know if you’d like a tour of the Tomorrow Studio sometime.. and that goes for any of your readers too, of course!

  3. Great post! I love to hear of new workshifting projects, especially ones started amongst Twitter friends. I’m actually on a workshifting road trip right now in the USA to document the changing landscape of the worker. Our team would love to collaborate with you; maybe a cross-post. Let me know what you think 🙂


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