Festival(s) of Ideas

Kristin: Adelaide has a long-standing record of festivals and ideas. We are preparing to be immersed and overwhelmed across the next couple of weeks (ok, months) with a myriad of activities in the Festival of Ideas (#afoi), the Festival of Unpopular Culture (#FUCAdl) and more.

North Tce, Adelaide (Historical Booklet, undated) Photo: OSU Archives

Here’s a list of what I’ll be doing, so if you’re local hopefully we can meet up. And if you’re not I’ll be tweeting, and some of these events will be livestreamed. So here it is:

Kristin’s Calendar of Ideas

Friday 7th October

Saturday 8th October

Sunday 9th October

Thursday 13th October

Friday 14th October

and if all that isn’t enough, there’s also

  • a public event during AusBiotech on Monday 17th October: On Human Enhancement (details TBA, presented by Bridge8 for the National Enabling Technologies Strategy)
  • the Earth Station Festival from Friday 21st October – Sunday 23rd October
  • Followed by TEDxAdelaide in November! Organised by Bridge8 with creative partners RiAus and support from initiatives within the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Saturday 12th November is TEDxAdelaide #TEDxADL 11am – 8 pm, Saturday 19th November is planned for TEDxYouth@Adelaide #TEDxYouth #TEDxADL (TBA).
I’m exhausted yet exhilarated thinking about it.

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