James Hutson


  • Winner: Scinema 2013 Best animation for This Thing Called Science, (Animator and Director) for TechNyou and the Federal Government.
  • Finalist: Scinema 2013 Finalist for Critical thinking a.k.a Argument: A field guide (Animator and Director) for TechNyou and the Federal Government.
  • Finalist: Melbourne Webfest 2013 Official Selection for Critical thinking k.a Argument: A field guide (Animator and Director) and This thing called science (Animator and Director)
  • Finalist: VicHealth Seed Challenge 2013 for ‘Fresh & Fruitful’, a collaboration between Bridge8, Monash University and Mater Research Qld for developing animations enabling healthy eating in pregnancy
  • Selection: Science Studio’s Best Science Multimedia on the Web 2012 for Gee Mmm Oh, animations tackling the science and debate around genetic modification in rhyme for TechNyou and the Federal Government.


The team’s scientific background allowed us to easily communicate our needs regarding the specifics of the project and clearly flavoured the design work such that no points of accuracy needed to be addressed during the design and production stage. Changes that were suggested from external parties and our clinical team were incorporated willingly and there was constant communication throughout the process to ensure it ran smoothly and remained on track.

 – Dr Rebecca Ireland, Medical Writer, NPS MedicineWise

The Coritsu team engaged Bridge8 to develop an animation to help demonstrate the functionality of our new data visualisation solution Zegami. James took the time to understand how the software worked so that he could help us tell the story of the product in a simple but intriguing way, leaving customers to want to know more. The end product is amazing and has been shown at various conferences and presentations all over the world. From a marketing perspective it has helped create a platform from which we can extend our brand recognition and hopefully grow the business.

– Samuel Conway, Managing Director, Coritsu Group

Today’s Charley Harper, Hutson employs clean lines and clever design to untangle complicated concepts in a way that’s deceptively simple and undeniably charming. Not only is Hutson a skilled illustrator with a great sense of humor, he is fantastic to work with—efficient, dependable, and has the valued ability to provide graphic interpretations through an editorial lens.

– The Editorial Team, Buzz Hoot Roar

James Hutson has a style, and it’s somewhere between delightful, modern, and really, really clever… He is all about critical and creative thinking, and, of course, science. My kind of artist.

– Signe Cane, Sydney-based freelance science writer and radio broadcaster

In 2012, Oxfam Australia commissioned Bridge8 to produce an animation as part of our wider GROW food justice campaign. Aimed at explaining the role of small-scale food producers in combatting global poverty, this project allowed us to tell the story of female farmers in Bangladesh through clear, concise illustrations. It was an integral part of our communication strategy to educate our supporters about the complex relationship between the global food system and systematic poverty reduction.

– Tim Norton, Digital Campaigns Co-ordinator, Oxfam Australia

Do you know the story of the three billy goats and the perils of crossing over to greener pastures when there’s a menacing troll under the bridge, and how it’s a metaphor for strategic planning? Well one of Bridge8’s strengths is that they can guide you across to the green pasture by outthinking the trolls and staying one step ahead of them. If you’re looking for a ‘go-to’ company that can provide you with strategic thinking, foresight planning, effective science engagement and quality products including captivating animations and readable reports, then go to Bridge8.

Dr Craig Cormick, Manager Public Awareness and Community Engagement , NETS

I want to thank you, specifically Mr. James Hutson, for creating the video on synthetic biology. It was one of the first videos on the youtube search when I was doing a presentation on that topic and it explained things so simply and entertainingly. Now I’m the Vice President of the Synthetic Biology Club at UCF [University of Central Florida] and the gratitude travels further as other members have seen how useful this video is to understanding a seemingly abstract concept in a neat animated way. Thank you again.

– Christine Doan, UCF

Animations and Illustrations:

  • Sustainable Fishing for Marine Stewardship Council Australia, 5 infographics (Writer & Illustrator)
  • Blood Pressure for NPS MedicineWise, 3 x 1’30” animations (Writer, Animator and Director)
  • Zegami for Sharepoint for Coritsu Group, 1 x 1’20” animation (Writer, Animator and Director)
  • Water: Think & Drink for NewWater ReSources, Global Visions and the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence, 6 x 2’30” animations (Co-Writer, Animator and Director)
  • Protecting our Drinking Water for NewWater ReSources and Water ReUse Foundation, 1 x 5′ animation (Writer, Animator and Director)
  • Ways of Water for NewWater ReSources and Water ReUse Foundation, 1 x 2’30’ animation Writer, (Animator and Director)
  • The Rocky Planets, The Gas Giants & The Exoplanets for Helix Magazine, CSIRO publications, 3 infographics (Writer & Illustrator)
  • For Love or Supper: Why Critters Light Up for Buzz Hoot Roar (Illustrator)
  • Hips for Hipsters for Deakin University, 1 x 1’20” animation (Writer, Animator and Director)
  • Grow a Better Future for Oxfam, 1 x 1’14” animation (Writer, Animator and Director)
  • Nano: scale & properties for TechNyou, 2 x 2’40” animations (Writer, Animator and Director)
  • This thing called science for TechNyou, 6 x 2’30” animations (Animator and Director)
  • Social media training videos with EConnect Communications for AusSMC (Australian Science Media Centre) (writer, Day in the Life)
  • Gee Mmm Oh for TechNyou, 3 x 2’20” animation (Writer, Animator and Director)
  • Critical thinking a.k.a. Argument: A Field Guide  for TechNyou, 2 x 2’30” animations (Co-Writer, Animator and Director)
  • 3 technologies which may change the way we live (synthetic meat, vertical farming & regenerative medicine) for National Enabling Technologies Strategy Expert Forum, 3 x 2’20” animations (Writer, Animator and Director)
  • Synthetic biology for TechNyou, 1 x 6’30” animation (Writer, Animator and Director)
  • Utility fog for TechNyou, 1 x 6’30” animation (Writer, Animator and Director)
  • Nano gold for AccessNano, 1 x 4’30” animation (Writer, Animator and Director

Animations are available at youtube/Thebridge8


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