Kristin Alford

Media The Advertiser, 2016. Interviewed in “UniSA wants to completely change how you see science“, 26 January. The Advertiser, 2015. Author, “Living scenarios explore desired futures“, 24 April. Australian Financial Review, 2015. Interviewed in “Future Tense”, Fleur Anderson, 21 February. Excerpt published in Off Grid. CityMag, 2015. Author, “Super (Un)Limited”, Feb, iss 8. The Conversation, 2014. Author, “Why […]

Future Proof: Time for Kids

Over the new year we set up a new service for one-on-one strategic conversations. A chance for people to consider their achievements and decide on the what type of future they might like to create. These sessions were aimed at professionals to rethink their personal and professional goals, or to help think through organisational strategies for […]

James Hutson

Awards Winner: Scinema 2013 Best animation for This Thing Called Science, (Animator and Director) for TechNyou and the Federal Government. Finalist: Scinema 2013 Finalist for Critical thinking a.k.a Argument: A field guide (Animator and Director) for TechNyou and the Federal Government. Finalist: Melbourne Webfest 2013 Official Selection for Critical thinking k.a Argument: A field guide (Animator and Director) […]

The future is the new new thing

Kristin: With UK-based forecasting consultancy The Future Laboratory in town, local magazine CityMag weeks away from releasing a special futures supplement, and futurists featured during Entrepreneurship Week, you might find yourself wondering what’s with all this future? Everyone thinks about the future, but thinking constructively is difficult. In a recent public community forum for Adelaide […]

Why we need new economies

To welcome in 2015, Kristin was a guest on ABC Radio National as part of their breakfast program reflecting on ideas for the future. Listen here to her ideas as to why the world needs to create a new economy.