Futurists to Follow

Kristin: Some time ago, I was asked for a good list of nanotechnology websites or blogs. Tonight, @anoddgeography asked me the same question in regards to futurists. So in addition to following or participating in the monthly #futrchat, or following my overly long list on Twitter, here are the ones that immediately came to mind (and in […]

Science and Twitter

Kristin: Discover more about science and Twitter! Earlier in the year, we started researching science and social media with Dr Will Grant of the Centre for Public Awareness of Science at ANU. The purpose of our study has been to explore the ways science and research organisations use social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, in order […]

Chatting about science and politics across the globe: #onsci August 11 2011

Sarah: Last Thursday, our scheduled Twitter chat #onsci was a huge event. The topic “Science and Politics” attracted a lot of interest not only within Australia, but also across the globe: tweeps from Germany, the UK and Egypt were among those participating in pre-event conversations, and congregating around the onsci hashtag at 9pm AEST August […]

#onsci August 11 2011: Science and politics

Sarah: The next #onsci twitter chat will be held this Thursday, 11th of August, 9pm AEST (Sydney). Recent events on the Australian political landscape have resulted in science hitting the headlines with events like Discoveries Need Dollars and Respect the Science. An article in the NYTimes today called for scientists and engineers to ‘speak out in public debates […]

Finding creative flow in a digitally connected world

Kristin: January tends to be a time of reflection and resolution. An opportunity to replace old habits with one that support healthy lifestyles and meaningful work. In his 2004 TED talk, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi asked what makes a life worth living. He noted that a lack of material resources causes unhappiness, but that more resources do […]