Artificial Boundaries

Kristin: James and I attended the Inspiring Australia conference in Melbourne, and Sarah via the livestream. The conference was focused on the national strategy of bringing forth a scientifically engaged Australia. The room was full of scientists, science communicators, policy makers and educators. The first panel posed the question – are people engaged with science? […]

The beauty of the spoken word

Kristin: Last night I was talking to my friend Inara Beecher who I met this year through the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program. We were talking about the guilty pleasure of watching TED Talks instead of completing our case study. I recommended Sarah Kay’s talk from TED2011 and Inara posted: So with Inara’s inspiration, I wanted […]

The power of the people

Kristin: As I start to write this, ABC24 has switched to Al Jazeera, waiting for the UN response to a broken ceasefire in Benghazi in Libya. And I’m switching between ABC24, Twitter and online news of all varieties to work out the background to what is happening. At TED/TEDActive, Wadah Khanfar, the head of Al Jazeera, spoke about […]

A week of social at TEDActive

Kristin: Last week, I had the privilege of attending TEDActive, the livestreamed sister of conference of TED. Amidst the talks, the conversations and the workshops for TEDx organisers, I participated in one of the TEDActive projects – Social Networks (or #TEDActiveSOC). The purpose of our project was explore how we might use our social networks […]

Finding creative flow in a digitally connected world

Kristin: January tends to be a time of reflection and resolution. An opportunity to replace old habits with one that support healthy lifestyles and meaningful work. In his 2004 TED talk, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi asked what makes a life worth living. He noted that a lack of material resources causes unhappiness, but that more resources do […]