InsideOut Adelaide

InsideOut Adelaide, a set on Flickr. Our pastings from doing the InsideOut Project in Adelaide today! We’ll have a panel and walking tour at 2:30pm this Saturday 9th October at AC Arts.

Stuck Up: InsideOut in Adelaide

Kristin: Who is Adelaide? Afraditi? (Photo: Jonathan Taise) David? (Photo: James Devine) These two plus sixteen other portraits will tell stories about Adelaide and the people who use the city. These large portraits will be pasted up later this week around the west end of Adelaide. It’s all part of InsideOut – this year’s TED Prize wish […]

Inspiration, Social Networks and Me

Kristin: This is me, at TEDActive, participating in the TEDActive Social Networks Project (click here or on images to see the video). As I’ve previously described, the project brought 20-30 people together during the course of TEDActive to explore questions around social networks. We managed to spread the work of the TEDED initiative as an experiment to show how […]

Science should not be special

Kristin: As I stated in the social media workshop at the Inspiring Australia conference, science might not equate to interesting and it’s not necessarily inspiring as of itself. But it is when it’s put into the context of how we live, and it is when the complexity of the knowledge is not dumbed down. Tuesday’s morning’s panel at the Inspiring Australia […]

Education at TED

Kristin: I’ve been meaning to post about the two key education resoruces that I became aware of at TED. A big highlight for me was Salman Khan talking about his Khan Academy resource. This site features thousands of 12 minutes videos on science, maths and economics, plus others I’m sure! When he describes the beauty in a mathematical equation […]