Poland: Social media for scientists

Dzień dobry, and welcome to Poland! Communicating complex ideas about the future in a simple and in an engaging way is core to the work we do. This is why we are interested in the effective use of social media for scientists and researchers. Following on from our Science Media Space initiative with Econnect Communications, we are now delivering […]

Science and Twitter

Kristin: Discover more about science and Twitter! Earlier in the year, we started researching science and social media with Dr Will Grant of the Centre for Public Awareness of Science at ANU. The purpose of our study has been to explore the ways science and research organisations use social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, in order […]

Digital Dysphorias at Media140

Kristin: Closing Keynote at Media140 The uptake of social technologies (mobile, social media, etc) has and will continue to affect the way we interact, build relationships, do business and communicate.  No surprises there, but there is uncertainty as to what we assume to be normal behaviour and how that changes as we move to more online lives. […]

Hashtag Science

Kristin: Last week I talked about our activities in science and social media at the Adelaide Net Squared Meet-up (Net2ADL) held at the RiAus. My presentation Net2ADL: Hashtag science is also on Prezi. As you’ll see from the video, when I looked at the projects we have in this space, I realised that we explore social media and […]

Next #onsci: Imagery in Science Communications

Kristin: The next #onsci will take place this Thursday 12th May 9pm AEST (Sydney). That is 7am EDT (New York) and 12pm BST (London). The topic will be on how imagery can be used to enhance science communications. Does  a picture tell a better story? We will investigate the use of illustrations, infographics and data visualisations in communicating science to […]