#onsci (Science Twitter Chat)

#onsci is a monthly chat for scientists and communicators about what’s happening in the public science interface. After the 2011 Inspiring Australia conference, interesting conversations -unfinished in person- spilled out on to blogs and Twitter. Bridge8, Sarah Keenihan and Heather Bray wanted to keep these conversations going. Through colleagues, we were aware of two successful […]

#onsci August 11 2011: Science and politics

Sarah: The next #onsci twitter chat will be held this Thursday, 11th of August, 9pm AEST (Sydney). Recent events on the Australian political landscape have resulted in science hitting the headlines with events like Discoveries Need Dollars and Respect the Science. An article in the NYTimes today called for scientists and engineers to ‘speak out in public debates […]

Graduate Diploma in Sciences Communication: 14 years later, here I am!

Sarah: I’ve blogged before on my stop-start graduate diploma studies in Sciences Communication. With past subjects including Education in Non-Formal Settings and Issues in the Sciences, this winter I’ve finally enrolled to study my final subject: Marketing Management. I must admit, I’m secretly very excited, as I really love being a student! But I’ve never […]

On Being Online

Kristin & Sarah: Are you a compulsive Facebook checker? Do you get anxious if you can’t find wifi? Or maybe you’re sick of hearing about twits on Twitter, and wish they’d all read a book. Whichever the case, we’d like to hear from you in our survey on understanding digital dysphorias. This survey is in preparation for a […]

Finding creative flow in a digitally connected world

Kristin: January tends to be a time of reflection and resolution. An opportunity to replace old habits with one that support healthy lifestyles and meaningful work. In his 2004 TED talk, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi asked what makes a life worth living. He noted that a lack of material resources causes unhappiness, but that more resources do […]