#onsci: 4th April – Outreach vs Inreach

This month’s #onsci is is being led by Ni Wayan Ratnamaheshwari (@NINjAitsu), Ratih (@squirateeh), David Wong (@PhotoEcologist) and Dan Craig (@talldancraig) who are all currently undertaking an intensive on science and social media at ANU. The topic up for discussion is “Outreach vs Inreach” Summary: This month on #onsci, we would like to question about the […]

#onsci: 7th February – Science Online

Kristin: At the start of February, the Science Online 2013 supported watch parties including one in Adelaide organised by Sarah Keenihan, Heather Bray and me, and parties in Melbourne & Geelong organised by George Aranda and Vanessa Vaughan. Here are the sessions that we followed: Why won’t the science deficit model die? #scioDM (session 3A) Blog post by Heather […]

#onsci: 9th August – Whose curriculum?

This month’s #onsci is is being led by Charlotte Pezaro (@cpezaro), teacher and PhD candidate at the University of Queensland. Charlotte: Whose curriculum is it anyway? The Australian Curriculum, years in development and now in its 3rd version, is currently the mandated curriculum to be taught in all schools in Australia (with the exception of NSW, […]

#onsci: 12th July – Selling science: what’s the product?

Heather: A few weeks ago, the online science world arguably saw a spectacular marketing fail with the launch of the European Commission ‘Science, it’s a girl thing’ campaign with a now-infamous YouTube clip by the same name. The clip went viral, and generated an explosion of critiques and comments. Mike Seyfang was just one of many commentators: his […]

I’m a Scientist: The Film!

Kristin: What are scientists really like? This is a question we tackle during I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here, two weeks of online madness in which scientists and school students chat and ask/answer questions about science in life. Bridge8 held the Australian pilot in June this year, based on the UK initiative which has been running since 2008. […]