#onsci: 15th December – Science and Religion

Kristin: In preparing last month’s topic on whether we care about science, I came across this reference to a book called “Why Religion is Natural and Science is Not“. The book description states: In Why Religion is Natural and Science Is Not, Robert N. McCauley, one of the founding fathers of the cognitive science of religion, […]

Black Gems on the Beach

Sarah: Imagine you’re on Yorke Peninsula, a scrubby, unrefined corner of South Australia. Dead kangaroos on the roadside. The occasional emu. You drive to the end of a rough, gravelly road. It’s cool but sunny. You park the car at the base of a hill, and wander up a sandy pathway towards what you presume […]

#onsci: November 17 – Do we care about science?

Kristin: The next #onsci twitter chat will be held this Thursday, 17th November, 9pm AEDT (Sydney), 10am GMT (London) and 5am EST (New York). The question we’ll be exploring is “Do we care about science?”. The Conversation has recently run series of articles on the State of Science a series in which Australia’s leading scientists give […]

On Human Enhancement

Kristin: Disappointed that the Festival of Ideas has ended, and that the Festival of Unpopular Culture is coming to a close? Wishing you had a chance to engage in more challenging discussions? It’s not over! This Monday 17th October, we’re hosting a free “Science in the Pub” on human enhancement.The panel is being presented by presented […]

Transforming Technologies

Kristin: Today we’ll be discussing “Three Technologies that Will Transform the Way We Live” at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas. The technologies in regenerative medicine, vertical farming and synthetic meat are being considered as a way to think about how technologies might interact with major social challenges around health and ageing, energy and food security. Each discussion will be […]