On Human Enhancement

Kristin: Disappointed that the Festival of Ideas has ended, and that the Festival of Unpopular Culture is coming to a close? Wishing you had a chance to engage in more challenging discussions? It’s not over! This Monday 17th October, we’re hosting a free “Science in the Pub” on human enhancement.The panel is being presented by presented […]

Future Tech and Utility Fog

Kristin: We’ve very excited to launch our latest animation by James Hutson on Future Technologies and their possible impacts: Utility Fog. This animation can also be used alongside our “utility fog” workshop. This workshop follows the format in the animation – it uses the concept of utility fog as seen through different lenses to highlight the […]

Scale & Properties Animated

Kristin: As foreshadowed earlier in the year, the National Enabling Technologies Strategy (NETS-PACE) been expanding the reach of AccessNano so that videos can be made accessible through YouTube, as well as through the main AccessNano website. With the help of James Hutson, we’ve now added to the collection of resources with an animation explaining the […]

Know any nano websites?

Kristin: Tonight I got a request from @spenceroni: @kristinalford hey Kristin, @summit_minds and I are looking for some good/interesting sites about nanotechnology. Any suggestions? 🙂 So without too much thought, here’s what came to mind and in no particular order: AZoNano for tech papers, links to companies latest research and products. The museum/sci education network […]

Why we struggle with nano public engagement

Kristin: I have been reflecting on my trip to Europe in September 2009 to explore some of the issues and approaches to public engagement around nanotechnology and emerging technologies. A guest blog by David Gutson of the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University on 2020 Science stated that “…public engagement has not […]