Know any nano websites?

Kristin: Tonight I got a request from @spenceroni: @kristinalford hey Kristin, @summit_minds and I are looking for some good/interesting sites about nanotechnology. Any suggestions? 🙂 So without too much thought, here’s what came to mind and in no particular order: AZoNano for tech papers, links to companies latest research and products. The museum/sci education network […]

Why we struggle with nano public engagement

Kristin: I have been reflecting on my trip to Europe in September 2009 to explore some of the issues and approaches to public engagement around nanotechnology and emerging technologies. A guest blog by David Gutson of the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University on 2020 Science stated that “…public engagement has not […]

Super Human Advances in Innovation and Design

Sarah M: Hi, my name is Sarah Morgan and I am excited because this my first blog for Bridge8!  I have worked within the nanotechnology space over the last four years through my roles at NanoVic and NVA, and I have a keen interest in innovation and education.  Most recently, I teamed up with Leah Heiss (Lecturer at […]

To label or not to label?

Kristin: In February last year on the NanoVic blog, Lisa Bailey talked about labelling of nanotechnology: It’s a question that got a lot of attention at a Royal Institution event at Science Oxford on Thursday night. It was interesting to hear some of the responses to a talk by Alexis Vlandis, a nanotechnology researcher and […]

2009: A year to celebrate

Jennifer: My heroes: Tintin and Richard Feynman 2009 is a big year for anniversaries. 80 years ago, my favourite comic book hero Tintin first appeared in a Belgian newspaper. 25 years ago, my parents were married. 1 year ago, I saw falling snow for the first time. I could keep going with my list of […]