Super Human Advances in Innovation and Design

Sarah M: Hi, my name is Sarah Morgan and I am excited because this my first blog for Bridge8!  I have worked within the nanotechnology space over the last four years through my roles at NanoVic and NVA, and I have a keen interest in innovation and education.  Most recently, I teamed up with Leah Heiss (Lecturer at […]

AZoNano: Yeah Sure, Prove It!

Kristin: Every month I receive a newsletter from the, a website collating, publishing and promoting the best of the world’s nanotechnology innovation. In this month’s newsletter, I really enjoyed the following article on consumer product claims and their editor Andy Choi has given us permission to reproduce it here: Nanothoughts – Nanotech Super Products […]

ACTU considers the impact of nanotechnology on Australian workers

Sarah: Just a quick post from me today: listening to ABC Radio National’s ‘AM’ show this morning over the chatter of 2 kindy- and school-free kids (day 1 of the holidays – help!), I heard a story from Tony Eastley regarding the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and occupational health and safety considerations of nanotechnology. […]

Can we relate the US election to nanotechnology? Yes, we can!

Lisa: Last week saw a momentous shift in the American political landscape. Nanobliss have celebrated (and made my day with by adding to the nano-pun fun) by creating Nanobama– the face of the President Elect in nanoscale.  Each Obama face is made up of approximately 150 million carbon nanotubes; which is the estimate of how […]

Nanotech super suits at the Olympics

Jenna: There were a few articles floating around pre-olympics, such as an article in the Bangkok post, saying that Thai athlete’s Olympic uniforms would incorporate nanotechnology. The president of the ‘National Science and Technology Development Agency’ said that they would be working with ‘Grand Sport Group’ to manufacture 2,000 items of nanotechnology sportswear for the […]