Why we struggle with nano public engagement

Kristin: I have been reflecting on my trip to Europe in September 2009 to explore some of the issues and approaches to public engagement around nanotechnology and emerging technologies. A guest blog by David Gutson of the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University on 2020 Science stated that “…public engagement has not […]

Nano & You

Kristin: I’m currently writing up a report on nanotechnology and public engagement in Europe from my trip last year. In addition to attending COMS2009, I met a number of people interested in how emerging technologies interact with society, and we discussed their approaches to nanotechnology and public engagement. I visited Prof Arie Pip and MESA+ […]

COMS2009: Initiatives & Issues in Nano Education

Kristin:  The very last session at COMS2009 is on the theme of education. There are some common global issues. Firstly there will be an anticipated shortage of scientists and engineers. Second, there are conflicting views on how to develop nanotechnologists. 1. Nanotechnology should be taught at all levels Assoc Prof Aldrin Sweeney from the University […]

COMS2009: Funding Micro/Nano Start-Ups

Kristin: VCs are in chaos. They are not making new investments, they are downsizing personnel, and when it comes to making a deal, they don’t want to go it alone. Additionally, limited partner investors are upset with the poor performance of VCs, they have concerns about high fee structures and want liquidity. So how might […]

COMS2009: How to make things work

Kristin: The recurring theme of the conference is the challenges and solutions for making things work – essentially how do you get micro and nano technologies to market through effective applications serving a market need. Dirk Ortloff from Process Relations (edit: Note the company is Process Relations) presented on the process development challenges in difficult […]