3D Printing: Opportunities for advanced manufacturing in South Australia

Kristin: These are the raw notes from a talk I gave on the opportunities for advanced manufacturing at the 3D Printing workshop co-hosted by DFEEST, Intel US, RiAus and Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) in February 2012. Since that workshop, ANAT and DFEEST have launched Fab Lab Adelaide, a place for people to engage in digital fabrication using […]

Transforming Technologies

Kristin: Today we’ll be discussing “Three Technologies that Will Transform the Way We Live” at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas. The technologies in regenerative medicine, vertical farming and synthetic meat are being considered as a way to think about how technologies might interact with major social challenges around health and ageing, energy and food security. Each discussion will be […]

Explaining Synthetic Biology

James: Synthetic Biology (or Synbio as the cool kids and some serious scientists call it) is what comes after genetic engineering. It’s no mere marketing label like Web 2.0. It represent a very different perspective on molecular biology enabled by ongoing maturation and commercialisation of gene sequencing and synthesis. It’s reshaping genetics engineering to make […]

XTK: Crowd-funding ideas that don’t make sense

Kristin: If we think that  innovation is critical for driving new economies, then we need to do it better. That’s why we’re launching the XTK Projects on 9th June, so that we can grow resources and collaborative spaces for transformative innovation. First some background as evidence for need. In 2008, we completed a studied for the South […]

A cheat sheet for Inspiring Australia

Kristin: This time last week I attended an Australian Science Communicators meeting at the RiAus to look at the report “Inspiring Australia: A National Strategy for Engaging with the Sciences”. I took along my cheat sheet, a diagram of how I felt the report fitted together and how the recommendations met desired outcomes. Given the […]