Synthetic Meat

Kristin: Would you eat synthetic meat? This is one of three animations James Hutson is preparing for a session presented by Bridge8 and the RiAus for the National Enabling Technologies Strategy Expert Forum at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas next Saturday 8th October (Event Details: 12pm at the Science Exchange at the RiAus and also livestreamed). In this […]

Explaining Synthetic Biology

James: Synthetic Biology (or Synbio as the cool kids and some serious scientists call it) is what comes after genetic engineering. It’s no mere marketing label like Web 2.0. It represent a very different perspective on molecular biology enabled by ongoing maturation and commercialisation of gene sequencing and synthesis. It’s reshaping genetics engineering to make […]

Introducing Dr Malone

Kristin: In my last post, I said that 2009 had been a big year for books, babies and breakthroughs. One of the biggest personal breakthroughs belongs to our analyst Jenna Malone who completed her PhD investigating stress responses in wheat and barley at the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics at the University of Adelaide. […]

Super Human Advances in Innovation and Design

Sarah M: Hi, my name is Sarah Morgan and I am excited because this my first blog for Bridge8!  I have worked within the nanotechnology space over the last four years through my roles at NanoVic and NVA, and I have a keen interest in innovation and education.  Most recently, I teamed up with Leah Heiss (Lecturer at […]

CleanFutures secures funding for biosensor

Kristin: We have been successful in securing funding for CleanFutures AquaSens to finalise prototypes and complete testing of a biosensor technology that is set to revolutionise the testing of water, wine and food throughout the world. CleanFutures AquaSens, was formed by Bridge8 and Australian CleanTech specifically to develop the AquaSens biosensor.The technology is a rapid, […]