Can we relate the US election to nanotechnology? Yes, we can!

Lisa: Last week saw a momentous shift in the American political landscape. Nanobliss have celebrated (and made my day with by adding to the nano-pun fun) by creating Nanobama– the face of the President Elect in nanoscale.Β  Each Obama face is made up of approximately 150 million carbon nanotubes; which is the estimate of how […]

We can be heroes

Lisa: A little while ago I asked who your scientific heroes are. Now Channel4 (UK) are asking the same question. You can enter your thoughts on the website here, where they also have a video of Richard Dawkins speaking at Cheltenham Science Festival about his hero, Charles Darwin.

Science royalty

Lisa: A very exciting week last week as we had our Grand Launch at the Royal Institution, complete with visit from Her Majesty the Queen! The culmination of much hard work by many, many people saw Her Majesty officially open our new, expanded building (although it won’t actually be open to the public for a […]