More fun with LEDs

Lisa: During the Adelaide Festival Bridge8 sponsored a masterclass by the Graffiti Research Lab, who showed Adelaide how to have fun with LED throwies. Here’s another bit of fun to have with LEDs courtesy of the Evil Mad Scientists (which I found through Boing Boing) – making your own LED lanterns for the garden. They […]

Throwies for breakfast

Kristin: A week ago I spoke at a school breakfast for fathers and daughters in years 7-9. The title of the talk was ‘Stuck on Science’ and I used the opportunity to explain the issues that may require consideration when thinking about an emerging technology. Specifically, I used our recent sponsorship of the Graffiti Research Lab at the Adelaide Festival […]

Earth Hour: Are throwies cleantech?

Kristin: We joined the numerous households in observing Earth Hour on 29 March, by turning off lights and appliances and using candles instead. No internet meant face-to-face scrabble instead of Facebook Scrabulous, but the candles failed to illuminate the tiles. Luckily, we had our own solution in the form of throwies left over from the […]

Making a Mark

Kristin: Yesterday we dropped into the Graffiti Research Lab to deliver some LCD squares and see how they’re transforming their ideas. We met Narisha Cash, making her mark on a piece of Energlo fabric. This is a textile that is activated by UV light to produce an eerie green glow that lasts for a few hours. Narisha is producing a […]

Show & Tell

Kristin: Throwies and their ‘installation’ from the GRL public workshop on North Terrace.