Transforming Technologies

Kristin: Today we’ll be discussing “Three Technologies that Will Transform the Way We Live” at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas. The technologies in regenerative medicine, vertical farming and synthetic meat are being considered as a way to think about how technologies might interact with major social challenges around health and ageing, energy and food security. Each discussion will be […]

Synthetic Meat

Kristin: Would you eat synthetic meat? This is one of three animations James Hutson is preparing for a session presented by Bridge8 and the RiAus for the National Enabling Technologies Strategy Expert Forum at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas next Saturday 8th October (Event Details: 12pm at the Science Exchange at the RiAus and also livestreamed). In this […]

Activating Public Space: PARK(ing) Day and more

Kristin: The Integrated Design Strategy for Inner Adelaide, 5000+ has released this video of Adelaide PARK(ing) Day. It’s a lovely showcase of the different approaches to PARK(ing) day. Bridge8 took part with the Foresight and Social Change class from the University of Adelaide. We had a really insightful morning quizzing passers-by on why they thought about […]

PARK(ing) Day

Kristin: We have been inspired to join this year’s International PARK(ing) Day. Bridge8 recently asked Andrew Maynard (no not that one, this one), to share some recent projects for a foresight workshop on urban futures. Andrew is know for his green architecture as well as thought-provoking paper architecture (like CV08, the suburb eating robot) and last year […]

Future Tech and Utility Fog

Kristin: We’ve very excited to launch our latest animation by James Hutson on Future Technologies and their possible impacts: Utility Fog. This animation can also be used alongside our “utility fog” workshop. This workshop follows the format in the animation – it uses the concept of utility fog as seen through different lenses to highlight the […]