Scale & Properties Animated

Kristin: As foreshadowed earlier in the year, the National Enabling Technologies Strategy (NETS-PACE) been expanding the reach of AccessNano so that videos can be made accessible through YouTube, as well as through the main AccessNano website. With the help of James Hutson, we’ve now added to the collection of resources with an animation explaining the […]

STELR Careers in Renewables

Jenna: Bridge8 recently worked with Australian Cleantech on a project for the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE). The project was to develop resources on renewable energy for  their Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance (STELR) project. STELR is a national secondary school science education initiative, developed to address the decreasing number of […]

AccessNano: Training the Trainers

Jenna: Long time readers of this blog will know that Bridge8 has been involved in the development of AccessNano, an innovative nanotechnology secondary school resource funded by the Australian Office of Nanotechnology (AON) and produced by Bridge8 Pty Ltd in collaboration with Mrs Francesca Calati and Dr Amanda Clarke. AccessNano was launched on November 28th […]

COMS2009: Nanotechnology in Europe

Kristin: I’m on my way to COMS2009. the annual commercialisation of micro and nano systems conference presented by MANCEF. Last year I attended the conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and blogged and twittered some of the things that attracted my interest. This year I intend to do the same from the conference venue in Copenhagen […]

Teacher training for AccessNano nanotechnology resource

Sarah: Activity on the AccessNano wesbite ( has been high since the launch of this innovative nanotechnology education resource only a few months ago.  Australian high school educators will be thrilled to learn that AccessNano will now be supported by Teacher Professional Development (TPD) sessions throughout the country. AccessNano TPD will provide guidance and inspiration […]