Futurists to Follow

Kristin: Some time ago, I was asked for a good list of nanotechnology websites or blogs. Tonight, @anoddgeography asked me the same question in regards to futurists. So in addition to following or participating in the monthly #futrchat, or following my overly long list on Twitter, here are the ones that immediately came to mind (and in […]

What is the Point of Social Media?

Kristin: I’ve been reviewing my notes from the Inspiring Australia Conference, in particular the workshop on social media that I ran with James Hutson and Will Grant. Given the workshop was titled, “Social Media: What’s the Point?”, I kicked it off with some statements to challenge our assumptions: That science is not that interesting by […]

Science Communication and Web 2.0: Can I play with you?

Sarah: One of the inherent things about the term ‘science communicator’ is its implication that scientists are pretty poor at talking about what they do. Tradition has it that most scientists work in relative seclusion, confined by necessity to the laboratories and institutions housing the equipment and peers in their chosen fields. That’s not to […]

Science Online 2011 and My First World Lament

Sarah: Sometimes I find myself being pulled in many directions by the sheer volume of interesting ‘stuff’ I wish I had time to read and participate in.  You should see the ‘to read’ pile of books on my bedside table.  Hearing about various scientific and other conferences makes me all dreamy, and starts my mind along […]

The Bridge8 2010 Hit List

Sarah: Merry Christmas! As the year draws to a close, we’ve been contemplating our champagne-Haighs-chocolate-enhanced waistlines (ed Kristin: speak for yourself!) and creating a list of our favourite projects and activities from 2010 to keep you busy with holiday reading. We’ve called it: The Bridge8 2010 Hit List: scicommunity With our ongoing interest and participation in […]