Nano & You

Kristin: I’m currently writing up a report on nanotechnology and public engagement in Europe from my trip last year. In addition to attending COMS2009, I met a number of people interested in how emerging technologies interact with society, and we discussed their approaches to nanotechnology and public engagement. I visited Prof Arie Pip and MESA+ […]

The big questions

Kristin: During the recent Australian Science Communicators Conference, we kept coming back to one question – why do we need to communicate science? There are lots of answers to this question. We might communicate science to ensure people are equipped to make good decisions for the community, to understand where tax dollars are spent on […]

Arts-Science Collaboration

Kristin: I’m currently at a session on art-science collaboration. The key ideas are engaging the public in science through different mechanisms, but it also touches on the issues we were thinking through this morning about using science and art as lenses through which we can make sense of the world. One of the examples was […]

Tools for Democracy and Dialogue in Science

Kristin: Here’s a question that we at Bridge8 keep coming back to time and time again: Why do we do public science communication? From the discussions we’ve had over the past few months and over the last two days at the Australian Science Communicators Conference, there are many reasons. However, one of the broadest reasons […]

4 lessons on public attitudes

Kristin: The National Enabling Technologies Strategy has conducted awareness surveys on public attitudes towards emerging and transformational technologies since 1999. This includes attitudes towards stem cells, GM foods, cloning, science and technology in addressing climate change and nanotechnologies. Craig Cormick finished his presentation of the latest survey with four key lessons for those of engaged […]