Embark on a full-dome cinematic adventure

Jennifer: Being inside a full-dome theatre, completely encapsulated within the hemispheric screen, is an immersive and engrossing experience. Visitors to the Adelaide Film Festival’s Dome Project, presented by the Australian Network for Art and Technology, will have the opportunity to indulge in such an experience. Perth has its own hemispheric theatre which is known as Horizon- a […]

Discuss: Nano & Art

Kristin: During November & early December I was a participant in the ANAT Synapse e-list discussion on nanotechnology and art. For me, there seems to be three main categories at the nexus between nanotechnology and art. The first is where the study of nanoscience produces striking images that might be considered artistic.  A good example […]

Leah Heiss is famous

Kristin: We’re big fans of Leah Heiss’s work emerging from her ANAT / Arts Victoria residency at NanoVic . Now the whole of Australia has been introduced to her work through a ‘Designing the Future’ segment on The New Inventors and a segment on Radio National’s By Design programme. Leah Heiss is famous and rightly […]

Small Masterpieces

Lisa: Earlier this year I mentioned how a fluke nano based microscopy image bagged a prize in the Materials Research Society ‘Science as art’ competition. This month, the winners of Nikons Small World competition for Best microscope images was announced, and nanotechnology again gets a look in the 2008 awards. Coming in second, behind a […]

ANAT making synapses between art and science

Sarah: The Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) has announced the successful Synapse Residencies for 2008/09, which support intensive partnerships between media artists and scientists in research settings in Australia and beyond. The residencies are as follows: Dr Rachel Burgess (NSW) + Dr Vicki Clifton (SA) exploring the transfer of fetal and maternal cells between […]