In Situ Foresight

The Bridge8 Foresight & Facilitation department is now called IN SITU FORESIGHT.

Since foundation in 2004, foresight agency Bridge8 has endeavoured to connect people to purpose, helping them to think more critically, compassionately and creativity about the future. Our core work has been in foresight, strategy and science communications. In 2016, it’s time for Bridge8 to evolve.

Science, Creativity & Education Studio (UniSA)

From 1 February 2016, Dr Kristin Alford is taking on the role as the inaugural Director for the Science, Creativity and Education (Sci.C.Ed) Studio at the University of South Australia. The Studio will open in 2018 as part of the new Health Innovation Building under construction on North Terrace.

Press – The Advertiser: UniSA wants to completely change how you see science

I see Sci.C.Ed as a remarkable opportunity to put science in Australia in a different space – to make the link between science and our shared future and to encourage broader and deeper conversations about science and the way we live. It is rare to be able to build a studio like this from the ground up and bring together the networks and collaborators that will make Sci.C.Ed an exceptional place for people to experience science and see how clearly it is integrated with arts, economics and all we enjoy and achieve as a society. This opportunity allows me to build on the work we’ve done with Bridge8 at a larger scale and I’m looking forward to designing spaces and events that will see us bring this wonderful concept to reality.

In Situ Foresight

The In Situ Foresight initiative was planned in 2015 with a focus on growing capability for thinking foresightfully through workshops, events and learning opportunities. In Situ Foresight initiatives to continue include:

  • a book tentatively titled “Five Modes of Thinking for the Future”, currently being redrafted for publication later this year
  • the postgraduate subject “Foresight & Social Change” at the University of Adelaide that has been offered since 2009

For queries about In Situ Foresight, contact Kristin at or +61 410 442 629.

Bridge8 Visuals led by James Hutson is now EXPLANOVISION.

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