Why we need new economies

To welcome in 2015, Kristin was a guest on ABC Radio National as part of their breakfast program reflecting on ideas for the future. Listen here to her ideas as to why the world needs to create a new economy.

The Lead SA

We’ve been featured in The Lead SA: Time to talk about the future. The article explains why foresight is important for global issues, innovation, and community engagement, detailing our work with Australia 2050 project, music innovation, the Adelaide City Council and federal government initiatives on emerging technologies. And our recent symposium on time, Chronference.

Bridge8 turns 10

We’re ten years old!

Journal of Futures Studies Article on Australia 2050

“The Challenges of Living Scenarios for Australia in 2050” has been published in the Journal of Futures Studies. The article, authored by Kristin as part of the Australian Academy of Sciences Australia 2050 project, describes the challenges in creating living scenarios and encouraging national conversations about the future.

think & drink update

James is finalising an animated series called “Water: Think & Drink” for the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence on sustainable, systems and design thinking. Sneak preview via the @_bridge8 Twitter.