Science Engagement in Australia

Australia’s first snapshot of science engagement The first national audit of its kind ever to be held in Australia recorded information about 411 different activities that aim to engage ordinary people with science. The survey asked for engagement activities held between January 2011 and June 2013. The online survey, open from July to September 2012, […]

Science Engagement Online

The diversity of online and social media platforms has opened up ways in which cultural institutions and scientists can reach broader public audiences. Our work in animations,  social media training and online community building forms part of our overall objective of enabling effective science engagement. Across the course of this year, we’ve been working with the South Australian Museum to support sharing their […]

Strategic Foresight for Leadership

Many of the challenging issues we face in our organisations and communities cannot be addressed by solely applying a technical fix – a carbon tax, a NAPLAN test, a new building. These issues require more systemic thinking and an ability to hold paradox while we experiment with the political, personal, and uncertain dimensions of the problem. These issues require “adaptive […]

Audit of Science Engagement

The biggest snapshot of science engagement in Australia. It’s a picture as big as Australia. A flash of light illuminating how people are getting science out there. And it’s the first time we’ve ever done it. The picture shows everyone who is engaging people with any science, from anywhere, any organisation, even into the future—that’s […]