Illustrations featured on Buzz Hoot Roar

For love or for supper? Why do critters light up? James Hutson was invited by the well-regarded science blog Buzz Hoot Roar to illustrate a guest post written by Matt Shipman on the reasons why sea and land animals put on the ultimate light show. The following extracts are from James’ 5-panel illustrations, so do check out the full […]

The 12 Days of (Future) Christmas

We’ve time-shifted the lyrics of a traditional festive song and plundered the larder of possible futures to present you with one future a day for 12 days. An assortment of both near/likely and far/fictional futures to say ‘Happy Holidays’ to friends, clients, supporters and audiences, and to once again openly declare our love for the […]


While our animations wizz by, you might miss the plethora of illustrations at their core. We’re seeking to rectify this by creating a collection of scene-by-scene contact sheets from some of our films/series. From Critical Thinking, season 1 From Gee Mmm Oh

Fresh & Fruitful seeks partners

In April, the 2013 VicHealth’s Seed Challenge posed the question: “How do we improve fruit and vegetable supply and access, as well as develop and promote a culture of healthy eating in Victoria?”. Bridge 8 took opportunity provided by  to develop our project Fresh & Fruitful (it’s a working title). We’ve been collaborating with Dr Shelley Wilkinson, Senior Research […]

Animation: Growing a better future for Oxfam

The world produces a lot of food yet one in eight people still go hungry. More surprising is that 80% of these people are involved in food production. Empowering small scale farmers with small local loans as proven an effective and efficient way to begin to address the inequities behind these issues. This animation reflects […]