Animation & visuals

Our animations and visuals provide clear and engaging explanations of complex technical information for non-expert audiences.

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Animation: Blood Pressure for NPS MedicineWise

One in three Australian adults has high blood pressure. It often has no symptoms. But left untreated it can lead to stroke, heart and kidney disease. And not only that but those of us 45 years and above that require blood pressure lowering medicines are really bad taking them regularly and on an on-going basis. […]

Facilitating Outcomes: Free Wifi Forum

If you are active in engaging with people on an issue, it’s critical their input and feedback is included in making future recommendations.  And people should be able to see how their input has been considered. Sounds simple, but it’s often overlooked. A good facilitator will incorporate these inputs during the session and explain what new […]

Hips4Hipsters Pozible campaign animation

We’ve provided short introductory animation for Dr Mel Thompson’s novel microbial treatments for medical implant infections Pozible campaign, otherwise known by the very catchy title, Hips4Hipsters. Mel, who we knew from I’m A Scientist (Australia), is an infectious disease researcher at Deakin University in Geelong. She’s teamed up with the Clinical Infectious Disease Specialists and […]

USA: The Ways of Water

The Ways of Water, our first of many water issue-themed animations, is now live. The animation presents an overview of human interventions in the water cycle and looks at the benefits around some of the key water provision options . We have worked with New Water ReSources and Global Visions & Associates on The Ways of Water as part of a project for the WateReuse Association for […]

Best animation: Scinema 2013

The This Thing Called Science series won Best Animation in CSIRO’s Scinema 2013 awards. Scinema is an International Festival of Science Film. In 2013 there were over 300 entries which were then curated down to 46 finalist films. This series follows on from Critical Thinking, showing the way we think scientifically by considering skepticism, testing, blinding, uncertainty  ethics and […]