USA: The Ways of Water

The Ways of Water, our first of many water issue-themed animations, is now live. The animation presents an overview of human interventions in the water cycle and looks at the benefits around some of the key water provision options . We have worked with New Water ReSources and Global Visions & Associates on The Ways of Water as part of a project for the WateReuse Association for […]

Best animation: Scinema 2013

The This Thing Called Science series won Best Animation in CSIRO’s Scinema 2013 awards. Scinema is an International Festival of Science Film. In 2013 there were over 300 entries which were then curated down to 46 finalist films. This series follows on from Critical Thinking, showing the way we think scientifically by considering skepticism, testing, blinding, uncertainty  ethics and […]

Living Scenarios: Australia 2050 Phase 2

In February 2013, the book “Negotiating our Future: Living Scenarios for Australia to 2050” was officially launched by Her Excellency Governor-General Quentin Bryce at the Australian Academy of Science. Kristin Alford was lead author and rapporteur for Chapter 3 of this volume and a co-author on Chapter 4 of Volume 2, focusing on social perspectives to on sustainability and equity. A […]

Illustrations featured on Buzz Hoot Roar

For love or for supper? Why do critters light up? James Hutson was invited by the well-regarded science blog Buzz Hoot Roar to illustrate a guest post written by Matt Shipman on the reasons why sea and land animals put on the ultimate light show. The following extracts are from James’ 5-panel illustrations, so do check out the full […]