Chronference: Perspectives on Time

Chronference is a series of experimental, pop up time travel symposiums and collections ( for people who are interested in time and futures. The first chronference took place at dawn on the 2014 spring equinox in Melbourne, where a group of professional futurists, business strategists, artists, changemakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the curious gathered to expand their […]

Facilitating Outcomes: Free Wifi Forum

If you are active in engaging with people on an issue, it’s critical their input and feedback is included in making future recommendations.  And people should be able to see how their input has been considered. Sounds simple, but it’s often overlooked. A good facilitator will incorporate these inputs during the session and explain what new […]

Future Proof Yourself: Individual Sessions

Book now for personal foresight advisory sessions and future proof yourself for 2015. The best in class listicles for 2014 are popping up everywhere, whether it be Vanity Fair’s best movies, Bill Gates’ best books, Goodreads’ best fiction or Apple’s best of everything. But are you taking the time to consider your “best of” list for your […]

Poland: Social media for scientists

Dzień dobry, and welcome to Poland! Communicating complex ideas about the future in a simple and in an engaging way is core to the work we do. This is why we are interested in the effective use of social media for scientists and researchers. Following on from our Science Media Space initiative with Econnect Communications, we are now delivering […]

Hips4Hipsters Pozible campaign animation

We’ve provided short introductory animation for Dr Mel Thompson’s novel microbial treatments for medical implant infections Pozible campaign, otherwise known by the very catchy title, Hips4Hipsters. Mel, who we knew from I’m A Scientist (Australia), is an infectious disease researcher at Deakin University in Geelong. She’s teamed up with the Clinical Infectious Disease Specialists and […]