Four quadrants of ScienceforLife.365

Kristin: One of the models I teach to postgraduate students is Wilber’s Integral Four-Quadrant Model. The model is a useful diagnostic for ensuring that a more holistic view of an issue can be presented by considering factors through four perspectives. These four perspectives embrace both the observable word of metrics and systems, and the internal world of values […]

Day 278. Happy Birthday Bridge8!

Originally posted on Science for Life. 365:
Six years ago I was at home looking after two toddlers full time, and wondering how on Earth I could stimulate my brain. On a whim, I went along to a meeting of the South Australian committee of the ASMR, and met the lovely Lisa Jarvis. Lisa was about…

Ideas for Research Funding & Careers

Every month a Twitter chat under the hashtag #onsci brings scientists, science communicators and other interested parties together to discuss relevant professional issues. The March #onsci asked how might research be better managed and funded (in Australia) given our constraints and frustrations with the system, and what is required for sustainable research careers. This is […]

Dee Halil, Science Engagement Specialist

Dee brings together detailed planning skills and an understanding of science to engage students, scientists and organisations in conversations about science and the future.   […]

#onsci: 19th January – What’s in store for science in 2012?

Kristin: Welcome to 2012 and welcome back to #onsci. The January topic  is “What’s in store for science during 2012?”. I’ve read plenty of articles which threaten collapse to many of our the current structures we take for granted – from climate and ecosystems, to new financial crises and the way we do business, to education and learning and […]