#onsci July 18 2013: The Venn diagram of communicating science

The 8th World Congress of Science Journalists was held in Helsinki, Finland just one month ago. A key theme at the congress was the concept Critical thinking in the public sphere, exploring the rapidly changing world of professional and public media platforms. Congress attendees were encouraged to explore the question of whether journalists will still be needed […]

#onsci June 20 2013: Myths about communicating science

We’re all aware of the popular science TV series Mythbusters. These crazy scientists spend an hour or so challenging common perceptions about science and technology. But is this the only way that science can be appealing? Does science needs to be kooky, whacky, explosive and dangerous in order to be of interest? And what other […]

Four quadrants of ScienceforLife.365

Kristin: One of the models I teach to postgraduate students is Wilber’s Integral Four-Quadrant Model. The model is a useful diagnostic for ensuring that a more holistic view of an issue can be presented by considering factors through four perspectives. These four perspectives embrace both the observable word of metrics and systems, and the internal world of values […]

Happy 9th Birthday

It’s our birthday! Bridge8 turned 9 in May 2013. Kristin and former staffer Sarah Keenihan enjoyed a little reflection…

Day 278. Happy Birthday Bridge8!

Originally posted on Science for Life. 365:
Six years ago I was at home looking after two toddlers full time, and wondering how on Earth I could stimulate my brain. On a whim, I went along to a meeting of the South Australian committee of the ASMR, and met the lovely Lisa Jarvis. Lisa was about…