#onsci is evolving

Sarah, Heather, Kristin and James: The monthly twitter chat known as #onsci held its inaugural event “Telling Better Science Stories” in April 2011. It stemmed from a real-life chat between Kristin and Heather, who wanted to conduct conversations ‘on science’ in the online space, and hoped that a diverse group of participants could be attracted to join […]

Going back to our roots

#onsci is back for 2014! We’re kicking off the year by going back to our roots: our roots in science, in communication, in social media and many other relevant ‘shades of grey’ fields which feed into these. Many of these areas were discussed at the February 2014 Australian Science Communicators conference (#ASC14) in Brisbane, Queensland […]

Looking after each other: professional wellbeing in science

Working as scientists and communicators can be tough at times. Many of us work in relative isolation on small or highly specialised projects with set budgets and under intense time constraints. We regularly spend many hours applying for funding, and are often knocked back. As we labour on, heads down and bottoms up, it can […]

#onsci October 17 2013: Holding a mirror up to #onsci

With our monthly ‘on science’ twitter chat now 2½ years old, we thought it was time to turn the focus inwards for a short while. We’re interested in breaking apart our achievements, and considering what it actually is that #onsci brings to the science communication space. As you may recall, our initial inspiration for #onsci […]

#onsci August 22 2013: Let’s talk about National Science Week

Are you full to the brim with science? Inspiring Australia‘s National Science Week 2013 has just wrapped, with events running August 10-18 across the country. With a stated aim of reaching: ‘as many Australians as possible each year with a positive message about the impact that science has on our lives, our economy, our society and […]