Scientists are just people too (discover 12 year olds)

Lisa: One of the difficult parts of my job working in the science education field is the idea of getting across what scientists actually do in day to day life. How to get across an idea of what a career in research might look like. It’s something I encourage researchers to talk about when they […]

Happy (belated) open access day

Lisa: Happy belated Open Access day. And I thought it was today. This is what I get for a month with no internet access. Hello again blogosphere! Open Access Day was 14 October, aiming to “To broaden awareness and understanding of Open Access”. It happened to coincide with one of the most significant events in […]

Sciblogging conference reflections

Yesterdays Nature Science Blogging Conference at the RI was just what I needed to kick start some enthusiasm for blogging again. I’d like to thank the guys at Nature Network for putting it on, and all the lovely people I met, both at the pub night on Thursday, and at the conference yesterday.  There’s a […]

More fun with LEDs

Lisa: During the Adelaide Festival Bridge8 sponsored a masterclass by the Graffiti Research Lab, who showed Adelaide how to have fun with LED throwies. Here’s another bit of fun to have with LEDs courtesy of the Evil Mad Scientists (which I found through Boing Boing) – making your own LED lanterns for the garden. They […]

Seeing isn’t necessarily believing

Lisa: You don’t really see with your eyes, you see with your brain. Magicians have known this for centuries, and now the likes of Penn and Teller have hooked up with Neuroscientists to give some tips as to how magic tricks can help unravel the mysteries of cognition. The article is available for free at […]