Science is as important as (but not more than) Shakespeare

Kate: Should people think you are a ‘philistine’ if you say you’re not interested in science like they might if you said the same of Shakespeare? Popular science writer Lord Robert Winston thinks so. When interviewed on the ABC’s Lateline program recently, Lord Winston suggested that Science is too important to our lives to think […]

Mining Innovation: Does Size Matter?

Kate: One of the potential challenges to maintaining Australia’s capacity for mining innovation is predicted to be the increasing dominance of large, conglomerated, multinational organisations. Historically, the mining industry had a number of medium sized organisations that could drive rapid and diverse innovation, however the rationalisation in the industry means that the policies and objectives […]

Mapping Innovation in the Australian Mining Industry

Kate: Australia is considered a global leader in mining innovation and mining support services. Some of the historical factors that have allowed Australia to lead innovation in the industry were discussed at a recent Innovation and Excellence Day at the Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT). The advantages for mining innovation in Australia included: a […]

A woolly exploration of hyperbolic space and biology

Kate:  Can I use my grandmother’s crotchet hooks to explore hyperbolic space and the science of evolution? A collaborative science/art project created by Queensland sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim invites people to do just this. The Crotchet Coral Reef Project, is an initiative of the Institute for Figuring (IFF) founded by science communicator Margaret and […]

We need science to sustain urban landscapes

Kate:  A series of talks where the public could interact with international experts in ecology was a highlight of this years Science week celebrations in Brisbane.  I attended a public talk on the Science of Sustaining Urban Landscapes involving scientists attending the 10th International Congress in Ecology (INTECOL) that coincided with science week. Understanding the […]