STELR Careers in Renewables

Jenna: Bridge8 recently worked with Australian Cleantech on a project for the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE). The project was to develop resources on renewable energy for  their Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance (STELR) project. STELR is a national secondary school science education initiative, developed to address the decreasing number of […]

Nano Safety Upgrade

Jenna: Since AccessNano was released in 2008, there has been increasing awareness of potential safety concerns around nano-sized materials in the published scientific literature. We have therefore added new content around safety issues, specifically on carbon nanotubes and sunscreens. A research paper in Nature suggested that carbon nanotubes may trigger dangerous inflammation and possibly cancer […]

Better Access

Jenna: AccessNano is now on YouTube! A YouTube channel has been set up for AccessNano to give teachers and the community easier access to the video clips from the resource. This also ensures that the video clips will stream properly on the AccessNano website, good news for those of you that may have faced software […]

Keeping AccessNano up-to-date

Jenna: AccessNano ( is a unique, cutting-edge, online education resource designed to introduce accessible and innovative nanotechnology into Australian secondary school classrooms. To ensure the resource remains relevant and useful for schools across Australia, we are launching a quick survey for teachers of AccessNano. This short survey is calling for teachers opinions on current aspects […]

AccessNano TPD Update

Jenna: The AccessNano Teacher Professional Development workshops, being run by teachers trained in AccessNano delivery at the Train the Trainer workshop held in January, are well under way. The first TPD was held in Sydney by two teachers at Moriah College in Bondi Junction. The workshop was well attended and we have been told that […]