IAS poster at ASC

Our science engagement specialist, Dee Halil, will be at the Australian Science Communicators 2014 conference to present an I’m A Scientist… (Australia) poster and talk. Colleagues Sarah Keenihan and Heather Bray will also be there waving the #onsci flag, in the form of a paper and presentation.

12 Days on Finch and Pea

Science art blog, The Finch and Pea, loves the “scientific spin on tradition” of our over-the-break project, the 12 days of (future) Christmas.

Shift Happens V “archeology of the future” video

A video of Kristin’s “archeology of the future” talk from Shift Happens V (York, UK) is now online.

The 12 Days of (Future) Christmas

We’ve time-shifted the lyrics of a traditional festive song and plundered the larder of possible futures to present you with one future a day for 12 days. An assortment of both near/likely and far/fictional futures to say ‘Happy Holidays’ to friends, clients, supporters and audiences, and to once again openly declare our love for the […]


While our animations wizz by, you might miss the plethora of illustrations at their core. We’re seeking to rectify this by creating a collection of scene-by-scene contact sheets from some of our films/series. From Critical Thinking, season 1 From Gee Mmm Oh