Chronference: Perspectives on Time

Chronference is a series of experimental, pop up time travel symposiums and collections ( for people who are interested in time and futures.


The first chronference took place at dawn on the 2014 spring equinox in Melbourne, where a group of professional futurists, business strategists, artists, changemakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the curious gathered to expand their capability for understanding how their perspectives of time may shape future possibilities. It really started at 4:42am! The early, precise start to play with preconceived notions of time, about what should be done when. To be able to sense time passing as the sun rises, and to leave having had an amazing experience just as most people are beginning their day. This event was designed to give people a whole new perspective on time. Tweets and photos were collected through #chron02014 and summarised into a Chronference Storify.

For the 2014 summer solstice, we released – a collection of writings an visuals inspired by the presentations at our first event, and a space that can be used for future ideas. Our first collection features visuals from Eddie Harran, Phred Petersen and James Hutson, and writings by Neil Houghton and Kristin Alford. You can also see the article we wrote for The Conversation, and the poem created by Kiri Bear just for Chronference.

Chronference was created following a discussion between Kristin Alford and Eddie Harran, and is supported by Bridge8 and The Holos Group.

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