Facilitating Outcomes: Free Wifi Forum

If you are active in engaging with people on an issue, it’s critical their input and feedback is included in making future recommendations.  And people should be able to see how their input has been considered.

Sounds simple, but it’s often overlooked. A good facilitator will incorporate these inputs during the session and explain what new ideas and recommendations have emerged. A good record of the gathering should be clear, easy to read and easy to share so that outcomes aren’t lost in a text-based report than no one reads. At Bridge8, we bring both of these capabilities and do this well.

An example of our work is the Capital City Committee Forum 2014: AdelaideFree WiFi:Capitalising on the Benefits for City Business that ran in June 2014 with 80 representatives from business in Adelaide, including people from the technology, retail, business services and hospitality sectors.

With launch of the AdelaideFree WiFi network in June 2014, 97% of Adelaide’s CBD became a WiFi hotspot; the largest of its type in Australia, offering infinite possibilities for innovation and business growth in the city centre.

Recognising this, the Capital City Committee Forum 2014: AdelaideFree WiFi:Capitalising on the Benefits for City Business, was an invitation to city businesses to learn more about the network, its possibilities and benefits, as well as the latest global trends on city and business innovation using WiFi and digital technology.

As facilitator, Kristin Alford worked with the Capital City Committee Directorate to finalise the agenda and clarify the purpose of the event for both the Committee, and for business attendees. The purpose was to learn more about the potential opportunities of the network, rather than to inform decision-making, so Kristin focused on helping people understand these opportunities by asking questions and summarising presentations during the forum to develop five key (and easy to remember) opportunities:

  • Attraction: bringing people into the city (students, young people, tourists); adding to the “Vibrant City” agenda; offering opportunities for new business
  • Access: greater access to WiFi means less pressure on 3G networks; access to internet for those without cellular plans (including young people and students); access prior to other phone or landline solutions for new residents and businesses)
  • Affordability: for people who would otherwise not access the internet due to budget restrictions; for business with potential savings on in-house internet and in start up phase
  • Appropriate: enables targeted and customised marketing and promotion directly to existing and potential customers, including those in vicinity of bricks and mortar stores
  • Awesome: endless creative opportunities yet to be uncovered for using this platform to drive innovation

icons illo

Following the forum, Kristin worked with James Hutson to develop a two-page summary of the forum details, these opportunities and more information about the network that could be shared with attendees and beyond. James worked with the the Capital City Committee Directorate to present this information visually, in an engaging way that met the existing design theme and their requirements. This two-page infographic flyer is really effective for sharing the forum summary and outcomes with a broader group.

We enjoy being able to provide a coherent service that facilitates clear outcomes. For more information on facilitation and visuals for workshops and forums, please email us.

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