Future Proof Yourself: Individual Sessions

Book now for personal foresight advisory sessions and future proof yourself for 2015.

The best in class listicles for 2014 are popping up everywhere, whether it be Vanity Fair’s best movies, Bill Gates’ best books, Goodreads’ best fiction or Apple’s best of everything. But are you taking the time to consider your “best of” list for your year, both personally and professionally? And with enough detail and consideration that your reflection informs your future?

It’s hard to look back and delve into what’s gone well and what’s remained challenging beyond the highlights. It’s even harder to think differently about what the future might hold given our patterns of thinking and experience. But it’s not impossible.

We can help. Futurist and strategic advisor Dr Kristin Alford works with business, government, students and in communities, providing methods, materials and experience to guide robust thinking for the future. Clients include Housing SA, Department of State Development, Adelaide City Council, the University of Adelaide and the Leaders’ Institute of South Australia. She structures conversations with people so that they find joy in creating the future they want, rather than being buffeted by the one that unfolds about them.

Kristin Alford, futurist & strategic advisor

Dr Kristin Alford, futurist and strategic adviser facilitating professional futures themes. Photo: Science Rewired

This year we’re offering the opportunity for you to work with Kristin on this process individually, through three strategic advisory sessions:

  • Session 1: Reviewing the past year, envisioning the next
  • Session 2: Goal and habit setting, courage to change
  • Session 3: Progress update, finding meaning for momentum

You’ll start with an initial consultation of 1.5 hours and then hour-long follow-up sessions. The program is designed to run over 6-8 weeks starting at your convenience in December or January. Between each session, you’ll be supplied with targeted materials to help you make the best of your planning time. And you’ll be well-positioned to put your goals into action early in the new year.

Sessions are run via Skype. Face-to-face sessions at your workplace or other location can be arranged if you’re in Adelaide. Bookings and payments can be done online. Making time to think about the future is critical. Book now to make 2015 and beyond your time.

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