Poland: Social media for scientists

Dzień dobry, and welcome to Poland!

Communicating complex ideas about the future in a simple and in an engaging way is core to the work we do. This is why we are interested in the effective use of social media for scientists and researchers.

Following on from our Science Media Space initiative with Econnect Communications, we are now delivering two-day, face to face, intensive hands-on workshops for scientists. Each workshop provides scientists with tools and practices to use social media to form peer relationships and communicate their work with a broader audience. The first series of these are being conducted with the Foundation for Polish Science, and Bridge8 is assisting with four of the fourteen workshops in Warsaw and Kraków. You can follow at #smwpoland.

Krakow #smwpoalnd

In these workshops, scientists are learning how to:

  • develop a communication strategy for incorporating social media into existing communication activities
  • create an online profile to make sure you have a consistent identity across all your social media and Web 2.0 accounts
  • identify the various forms of blogging you can use to present research materials and outcomes, while understanding the advantages and risks of blogging
  • set up a blog and create engaging content
  • make a video to present your research online – create, edit and upload to the web
  • create images and illustrations to present your research online – create, edit and upload to web
  • interact with people online, encourage and manage conversation, and engage with audiences
  • use Facebook as a professional to present your research, and monitor and measure audience engagement
  • set up a Twitter account
  • use Twitter as a professional to present, discuss and promote your research, and learn how to monitor and measure audience engagement while understanding the advantages and risks of tweeting
  • use LinkedIn and ResearchGate to grow your professional network and to collaborate
  • use SlideShare as a professional to present your research, and to reach and engage more people with more impact
  • use QR codes and social media with your posters and presentations to reach and engage more people with more impact
  • create audio to complement your slideshows and present your research on the web
  • bring it all together, using multiple social media tools to engage different audiences during events such as conferences, lectures, presentations, public engagement activities.

Scientists also create content based on their own research, and receive individual feedback. We use a similar platform to Science Media Space to conduct exercises on blogging and to allow participants to interact within the group.

Bridge8 and Econnect Communications are offering these workshops to other interested parties. More details on content and costings are available here, and please contact us if you are interested.

(Image: Photo of Kraków by Kristin Alford, edited with Pixlr) 

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