USA: The Ways of Water


The Ways of Water, our first of many water issue-themed animations, is now live. The animation presents an overview of human interventions in the water cycle and looks at the benefits around some of the key water provision options .

We have worked with New Water ReSources and Global Visions & Associates on The Ways of Water as part of a project for the WateReuse Association for a US audience. The WaterReuse Association is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance the beneficial and efficient uses of high-quality, locally produced, sustainable water sources for the betterment of society and the environment through advocacy, education and outreach, research, and membership.

The animation will be provided to US municipal water providers as a public education resource. It’s presented here with a female US accent provided by new friend of Bridge8, Leah Zilberman but it is also available in dulcet, James Hutson tones.

The Ways of Water was entirely designed and animated in Apple’s Motion5.

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