Hips4Hipsters Pozible campaign animation


We’ve provided short introductory animation for Dr Mel Thompson’s novel microbial treatments for medical implant infections Pozible campaign, otherwise known by the very catchy title, Hips4Hipsters.

Mel, who we knew from I’m A Scientist (Australia), is an infectious disease researcher at Deakin University in Geelong. She’s teamed up with the Clinical Infectious Disease Specialists and Orthopedic Surgeons at Barwon Health to combat the growing problem of superbug bacterial infections.

Mel is a passionate advocate for crowd funded research and has already run the successful Mighty Maggots campaign in 2013. Mel blogs at http://drmelthomson.wordpress.com where she muses about the reasons, successes, mechanics and attitudes towards crowd funding science.

The excellent hip logo which was animated in this short was designed by Catherine Donaldson from Faster Pussycat Productions. All of Mel’s non-university production team, including us, she met on Twitter.

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