Behind the scenes: simplesaurs

Update: Simplesaurs & Extinct critters available as laser-cut wooden brooches on our Etsy store now!

Dinosaurs have been a recurring motif in James Hutson’s animations. The Critical Thinking animations featured a bright red T-Rex, which morphed into a chicken, the illustration later being awarded the People’s Choice Award at the 2012 Australian Science Communicators’ Conference and featuring on one of our most popular t-shirts.

The t-shirt series was recently expanded to a set of “simplesaurs”, simplified dinosaurs from a land that time forgot. That 50s look, 60s lack of scientific awareness (of cool things like feathers, bristles & thermoregulation) & 70s plastic toy colour scheme. In addition to t-shirts, we have been prototyping them as laser cut wood and acrylic jewellery.

The prototyping and production process has been made possible by Fab Lab Adelaide, a not-for-profit community workshop that provides training and access to designed and made digital fabrication equipment including several 3D printers and a laser cutter. Here’s the laser cut of simplesaurs in action!


  1. […] been producing the first batch of our “simplesaurs” design for jewellery with the laser cutter at Fab Lab […]

  2. […] Our Simplesaurs laser-cut jewellery made with Fab Lab Adelaide is now available through our Etsy Store, along with our new Extinct series. Artwork for Simplesaurs, Extinct and Pop Futures is also available as homewares and clothing  in our Society 6 store. […]

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