Fresh & Fruitful seeks partners

fnf_b8siteIn April, the 2013 VicHealth’s Seed Challenge posed the question: “How do we improve fruit and vegetable supply and access, as well as develop and promote a culture of healthy eating in Victoria?”. Bridge 8 took opportunity provided by  to develop our project Fresh & Fruitful (it’s a working title).

We’ve been collaborating with Dr Shelley Wilkinson, Senior Research Dietitian at Mater Health Services/Mater Research  to see how we might provide evidence-based nutritional advice to women during pregnancy in a way that might change behaviour. We also began a dialogue with Dr Safeera Hussainy and Assoc Prof Kay Stewart  at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Monash University about what materials might be used in the continuing education of community pharmacists so that they too could be influential in behaviour change.

Our project will produce short and engaging animations that influence healthy behaviours, including the consumption of fruit and vegetables for young women, especially during pregnancy. The animations will be available via YouTube and embedded in a simple website for reference and access. The animations will be used and assessed against more traditional forms of education with young women, and with associated frontline health professionals such as community pharmacists.

We are now seeking organisational partners to continue the development and the delivery of this suite of resources through funding, sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Bridge8 made it to the final five Seed Challenge projects (from 54 initial high quality applications and from which two were funded). The co-design and business process coaching provided by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation as part of the tender process has proven invaluable across all our work and we thank VicHealth for this opportunity.

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