Animation: Growing a better future for Oxfam

liftingchillis_closeThe world produces a lot of food yet one in eight people still go hungry. More surprising is that 80% of these people are involved in food production. Empowering small scale farmers with small local loans as proven an effective and efficient way to begin to address the inequities behind these issues.

This animation reflects thinking we’ve been doing about the role of hope in social change – positive images of the future people can engage with in their own communities, pathways towards that goal here through education and financial assistance, and discovering personal agency to create change.

The work was commissioned by Oxfam Australia in the run up to 2013’s Australian federal election and was published on World Food Day (7 Oct) 2013. It forms a part of their ongoing campaign to urge the Australian Government to play a leadership role in tackling global hunger by prioritising support to small-scale food producers and doubling aid to food security by 2016. The link to the petition specific to this campaign is here:

In producing this animation, we’ve experimented with a new style, where a cross dissolving series of bright, slightly abstracted illustrations provides a sense of picture book story and a positive change over time.

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