#onsci October 17 2013: Holding a mirror up to #onsci

With our monthly ‘on science’ twitter chat now 2½ years old, we thought it was time to turn the focus inwards for a short while. We’re interested in breaking apart our achievements, and considering what it actually is that #onsci brings to the science communication space.

As you may recall, our initial inspiration for #onsci focused on continuing conversations initiated at the 2011 Inspiring Australia conference, as described here. The monthly chat has now taken place on 26 occasions, and involved approximately 50 participants per session (mostly Australian but also some internationals). We think it’s not a stretch to say that #onsci has been highly successful in providing a forum for those interested in science communication to come together, share ideas and develop their personal and professional networks. #onsci has also contributed to the development of science policy via a submission to the McKeon Review, and teaching of science communication in Australia through informal associations with courses taught at Universities and online.

But what do you, the #onsci community think? How, what and why has #onsci managed to stay alive for so long and contribute to the broader science communication landscape in Australia?

Join us to give us your insights into some of the following questions:

  • Why do you participate in onsci?
  • Has onsci helped with your professional work? How?
  • Do you think #onsci works as a ‘community of practice’? Is being part of a community of practice important? Why?
  • Has #onsci contributed to science communication in Aus. How?
  • What should the future hold for #onsci?

Hope to see you at #onsci Thursday 17th October 2013, 9pm AEST

Disclaimer: we hope to present themes arising from this discussion in a presentation at the 2013 Australian Science Communicators meeting in Brisbane.


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